Bethesda Bagels

Ta da!

Finally, the blog post and restaurant review I've been promising you all:

(on Connecticut Ave, North of Dupont Circle)

This is a favorite spot of mine.

I used to live a few blocks from the original, in Bethesda Row.

Luckily, the Dupont location opened right before I moved into the District.

Oddly enough, it has attracted nearly the same sort of crowd:

Most customers seem to be young, either in casual or active wear.

It's usually packed on the weekends when we stop by, particularly between 11 AM and 1 PM.

But the wait is worth it!

They've got 23 types of handmade bagels, tons of spreads, and a variety of overstuffed "sandwiches":

For larger orders you can pick out spreads that all of your hungry co-workers will love:

[I used to buy the Light Lox Spread and eat it at home on Wheat Thins ^^]

As you approach the counter, you'll notice they also have freshly-made glazed donuts,

a few of which are always oversized - perfect for sharing!

Pizza is baked around 11 AM, and "pizza bagels" are also set out, ready for toasting:

Once you order, it takes a few minutes for your Bagel Artist to prep your meal.

M usually gets his coke in the meantime.

Notice the bagel wallpaper!

My very first order, in Bethesda, was the

Melted Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato on wheat, open-faced & toasted ($4.99): 

It's M's favorite now ^^

Once I took a leap and ordered a Toasted Wheat Bagel with Sun-Dried Tomato cream cheese ($3.26):

Now I have a tough time deciding which one of the two to order...

We usually take our bagels to-go and eat outside or at home, 

but this time we snagged two stools near the windows.

They're great for people watching:

The Bethesda Bagel logo is admittedly a bit corny, but you'll quickly overlook it.

After a bit of progress...

...we took our last bites: - hits the spot. every. time.

The Mozzarella Pesto Bagel is a bit messy due to the pesto oil,

 but the messier it is, the better it tastes!

Previously impartial to them, M now shares the same addicted-enthusiasm for bagels that I do.

We are happy to highly recommend this spot to anyone and everyone.

Bonus: they also work with Groupon, so keep an eye out for great deals!

I actually bought one recently:

If you have a chance to stop by, let me know!

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